Dr. Anely Bekbergenova Joins the Chair of Research and Science Management

Elke Graf Leaves our Chair

Collaboration and Insights into the Neurophysiological Underpinnings of Leadership

Elizaveta Sycheva Visits the Chair

Tanja Arnold, Carola Baller, Arij Briki, and Therese Weitz join the Chair

"Putting the Worker Front and Center"

Führung in der Wissenschaft: Exzellenz in Forschung und Lehre durch ethikorientierte Führung

The chair's thesis students present their research

Dr. Cubillos-Pinilla aims for the continuation and initiation of joint research projects

Schnack, Fladerer, & Schnitzler: Ein Plädoyer für die Komfortzone [engl. Call for the Comfort Zone]