Hannah Kunde, M.Sc.

Office hours: by appointment
Room: Leopoldstr. 139, 3rd Floor, Room 306

E-Mail: hannah.kunde (at) tum.de
Fon:+49 89 289 24052
Fax: +49 89 289 24093

Hannah Kunde joined the Chair of Research and Science Management in December 2018. She works as a research associate and PhD candidate in the TUM Neurophysiological Leadership Lab (TUM NeLeLab, Dr. Franziska Emmerling). There she explores leadership from a (neuro)cognitive perspective to unravel the basic psychophysiological processes underlying effective and ineffective leadership behaviour.

Hannah Kunde received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology of Teaching, Learning, and Training (B.A.) at the University of Erfurt. Afterwards she studied an international, interdisciplinary and research-oriented master’s program in Psychology at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (M.Sc. in Psychology: Learning Sciences).

Short Bio

Since 12/2018
Research Associate and PhD Candidate at the Chair of Research and Science Management (TUM School of Management, Munich)
2018 M.Sc. Psychology: Learning Sciences (LMU Munich); master thesis on algorithmic traffic accident prediction (in cooperation with Prognosix AG and Traffic Police Zurich)
2017 Working student at the department for “Data Management Simulation and Autonomous Driving” (BMW Group, Munich)
2016 to 2017 Working student for employee development (QualityMinds, Munich)
2011 to 2016 Research assistant at different chairs within the areas of social psychology, diagnostical and differential psychology, as well as educational psychology (University of Erfurt and TU Munich)
2014 B.A. in Psychology of Teaching, Learning, and Training (University of Erfurt)
2012 and 2014

Semesters abroad at the University of Almería (Spain) and at the Saint Petersburg State University (Russia)”

2011 Research internship within the Max Planck Research Group “Neuronal Mechanisms of Interpersonal Communication” (MPI for Human Cognitive & Brain Sciences, Leipzig)


Conference Presentations

Kunde, H., Emmerling, F., & Peus, C. (2023, January). When consistently destructive leadership might be better: differences between perceiving consistent and inconsistent leaders. Poster presented at the 6th Israel Organizational Behavior Conference (IOBC) 2023 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Kunde, H., & Emmerling, F. (2022, September). Paired associate learning induces (explicit & implicit) intergroup bias effects. Poster presented at the 52nd Congress of the German Society for Psychology (DGPs) in Hildesheim, Germany.

Kunde, H., Emmerling, F., & Peus, C. (2021, March). (How) can we predict relative preferences with eye tracking data? Presentation at the 63nd Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP@home), Germany.

Kunde, H., Emmerling, F., & Peus, C. (2020, March). Novel advances in measuring implicit and explicit group evaluations. Paper accepted for presentation at the 62nd Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP) in Jena, Germany.