TUM Neurophysiological Leadership Lab (NeLeLab)

The TUM Neurophysiological Leadership Lab (NeLeLab) is designed to integrate neurophysiological methodology with social science research. We commit to a twofold mission: On the one hand, we advance methodological literacy with respect to experimental research and neuroscience. Our lab team teaches different audiences within TUM (e.g., Bachelor, Master, Executive Education students from various fields of social science) on the application of empirical strategies and specific methods including general behavioral neuroscience, electroencephalogram, brain stimulation, eye tracking, and social robotics. On the other hand, we apply those methods to the study of various forms of leadership – including destructive leadership – and their perception by followers. Thereby, we focus on intraindividual antecedents and consequences within leaders and followers on the level of cognition, affect, and behavior.

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Research Group
Jakub Cichor
Leidy Cubillos-Pinilla
Hannah Kunde

Partners & Third Party Funding
TUM Agenda 2030 (Exzellenzstrategie 2019)
Teamwork | Leadership | Digital Age
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)

TUM Neurophysiological Leadership Lab (NeLeLab)