The Chair of Research and Science Management celebrates its 10-year anniversary!

Our Story

The Chair of Research and Science Management has been created with the appointment of Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus at TUM School of Management in 2011. Shortly after its inception, the Chair’s team developed activities in three areas: Advancing research on leadership and management with a focus on research institutions, implementing a personnel development program for established researchers, and developing future leaders at TUM School of Management’s Executive Education Center. 

The scope of these activities reflects the Chair of Research and Science Management’s mission: “Facilitate the advancement of effective and responsible leadership through research, teaching, and professional education”. While younger scholars often benefit from extra-curricular workshops and education in graduate schools and specifically designed programs, there used to be a lack of offers for more senior scholars and professors.

The research management workshops for researchers at later career stages facing leadership challenges as research group leaders and professors were a success story from day one. The acquisition of several large research projects spoke to the success in terms of conducting novel and interesting research on leadership, broadly defined. Moreover, the sustained growth of leadership development programs in MBA-classes and programs for corporate clients at TUM’s Executive Education Center underlined the importance and practical relevance of the Chair’s research and teaching.

Several years down the road, the team of the Chair of Research and Science Management underwent significant growth and change. With the foundation of the Leadership Learning and Innovation Lab, the Neurophysiological Leadership Lab, and forays into the domain of digital technologies, such as, virtual reality for leader development, new researchers joined and increased the variety of topics under investigation. Last but not least the foundation of the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning, the new home of the personnel development program for researchers, the MBA programs, and customized programs for external partners across all faculties, marked a milestone for the Chair of Research and Science Management that is now focused on conducting the research to fulfill its mission more strongly than ever.