Research Stay at The University of Queensland

Dr. Martin Fladerer visits the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) for the continuation and initiation of joint research projects supported by the TUM Global Incentive Fund

At The University of Queensland, Dr. Martin Fladerer closely collaborates with Professor S. Alexander Haslam, Associate Professor Nik SteffensDr. Mazlan Maskor (formerly UQ, now QUT), and other members of the SIGN group.

Supported by the TUM Global Incentive Fund Strategic Partnership Engagement schema, they seek to continue their work on leader transgressions in the workplace. To learn more about this research, you can read their latest publication in the British Journal of Social Psychology.

As part of his visit, Martin Fladerer also came together with the SIGN Student Group for a workshop on Leader Transgressions in Multi-Layered Organizations. Current doctoral students of the School of Psychology as well as international academic visitors (e.g., Joseph Cohen from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) participated in the workshop.

Martin Fladerer also met with Professor Mats Alvesson, a current Hans Fischer Senior Fellow at the TUM Institute for Advanced Study, to talk about their ongoing projects (together with Clarissa Zwarg, TUM; Eleni Georganta, University of Amsterdam; Thomas Fischer, University of Geneva).