Project Description

Work bears a great meaning for many people. For many, only surpassed by family and partnership. Against this background, research in industrial and organizational psychology has intensively addressed the question of how private and professional life mutually influence each other.

Comparatively little attention has been paid to the question of how employment in a company or organization and the associated professional environment affect personal development. However, considering that many people spend a large part of their daily lives at work, this is a particularly important field of research. 

This is where the described research projects seek to make a significant contribution. The main goal is to investigate to specific aspects of the organizational context (organizational climate and leadership) and their influence on personal development of individuals at work.

Within the project we follow two approaches:

1. Survey Study

The first subproject adopts a quantitative approach. This means that the phenomena studied are recorded with the help of questionnaires. Participants will be invited to fill out a survey every 3 to 6 months over a three-year period. Where possible, the perspective of their colleagues and leaders will be included.

2. In-Depth Interviews

The second subproject adopts a qualitative approach. This means the phenomena studied are recorded with the help of in-depth interviews. Accompanying the quantitative subproject, a group of participants will be interviewed about their experiences and adventures in a personal conversation. This gives the research team the opportunity to go into breadth and depth on experiences and lessons learned, providing insightful information.