Project Studies

What is a project study?

A project study is a team-project in which students are expected to use and improve the skills and knowledge they have obtained and developed throughout their program of study in order to work on either applied, application-oriented or academic questions.

Generally, project studies are conducted in collaboration with partners from industry or research institutes.


Students have two possibilities:

  1. Choice of a topic offered by RSM. 
  2. Proposal of an own topic. Please note that your proposal should be related to one of the main research topics of RSM.

How to apply

Please send your complete application (application form, motivation letter, CV and current academic record of all team members) to the respective contact person. 


A project study corresponds to 8 credit points („Leistungspunkte“) / 12 ECTS Credits.
The final grade is based on an assessment of individual and team performance. The following components are taken into account: 

  • Individual contribution to the team project (individual evaluation): 20%
  • Final Project report (team evaluation): 40%
  • Presentation (individual evaluation): 40%

Registration at the examination office

After acceptance of your proposal at RSM, you can register your project study with the examination office („Prüfungsamt“). Please take the following steps: 

  • Complete the registration form
  • Send the registration form for final approval to your advisor at RSM

Submission of the final report

The final report must be submitted directly to the RSM (not to the examination office). Please submit the following materials:

  • 2 hard copies of the report
  • 2 Electronic versions of the paper (1 in Word and 1 in PDF)
  • Electronic version of the final presentation
  • Raw data (SPSS files etc.)
  • Electronic list of references (Citavi files etc.)