Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung

Dissertation Defence: Rules are made to be broken! The role of rule-breaking in entrepreneurship: evidence from behavioural, cognitive and neuroscience approaches

Georganta, Peus, & Niess: Interactive technologies through the lens of team effectiveness: an interdisciplinary systematic literature review

Spannende Aufgaben am Lehrstuhl für Forschungs- und Wissenschaftsmanagement

Dr. Martin Fladerer visits the School of Psychology at The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) for the continuation and initiation of joint research projects supported by the TUM Global Incentive Fund

Cichor, Hubner-Benz, Benz, Emmerling, & Peus: Robot leadership – Investigating human perceptions and reactions towards social robots showing leadership behaviors

Emmerling, Peus, & Lobbestael: The hot and the cold in destructive leadership: Modeling the role of arousal in explaining leader antecedents and follower consequences of abusive supervision versus exploitative leadership

Dr. Franziska Emmerling Takes on New Challenges

Dutz, Hubner, Emmerling, & Peus: Sure you are ready? Gendered arguments in recruitment for high-status positions in male-dominated fields

Dr. Eleni Georganta Leaves our Chair