Israel Organizational Behavior Conference 2023

The Neurophysiological Leadership Lab Presents Its Research

The 6th Israel Organizational Behavior Conference (IOBC) 2023 took place between January 3 and January 5 at Tel-Aviv University. With a focus on "Rethinking Collaboration and Coordination in Work and in Organizations", researchers from all over participated in fascinating keynote, plenary, and poster sessions on topics related to leadership, teams, new work, and many more.

From our chair, Hannah Kunde and Jakub Cichor from the Neurophysiological Leadership Lab shared their work in various sessions. With her poster, Hannah presented the results of two studies that dive into the perception processes in the context of leadership. Particularly noteworthy is the laboratory study, in which Hannah collected not only behavioral data, but also physiological and eye tracking data as measures of arousal during the perception process. Jakub stood in for Franziska Emmerling in a panel symposium on the application of neuroscience in organizational behavior research, which included an engaging podium discussion with David Waldman, Yair Berson, Qi Zhang, and Nir Milstein. He also presented a paper on using facial video synthesis to investigate the Uncanny Valley in robot leaders. 

We thank the conference organizers for the impressive conference and look forward to visiting Tel-Aviv again for its next iteration!