Motivational effects of corporate visions

Head of the project:

Viktoria Hajas (Allianz), Alexandra Strasser (TUM), Maika Rawolle (TUM), Hugo Kehr (TUM)

Description of the project:

The research project investigates the motivational power of corporate visions. Visions are defined as idealized mental images of the future representing common basic values and orientations. In leadership theory, corporate visions are seen as a core component of charismatic and transformational leadership. The creation and effective communication of a corporate vision is expected to promote follower motivation. However, there is a lack of empirical research on the motivational effects of corporate visions and their underlying motivational processes.
The research project is based on recent findings of a research project funded by the German Research Foundation (“The motivating power of visions”). Results of this project provide the first explanation for the motivational effect of personal visions. It was possible to demonstrate that vivid visions develop their motivating effect by arousing implicit motives. We intend to generalize and extend this finding in organizational settings with two field studies.

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