If you wish to receive a letter of recommendation from the TUM Chair of Psychology, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Your average grade in your current course of study is 2.0 or better according to your transcript of records.
  2. You have taken at least one course at the Chair of Psychology and achieved a grade of 1.3 or better. In case you have taken several courses at the Chair of Psychology, your average grade achieved in these courses needs to be 1.7 or better.
  3. You have/had personal contact with one currently employed team member of the Chair of Psychology (e.g., excellent bachelor's/master's/project study's thesis or excellent performance in one of our seminars/lectures).

If you fulfill all requirements, please send the following documents in one PDF via E-Mail to the team member of the chair that you had personal contact with (see here for contact information)

  1. Background Information (click here for download and fill out using Adobe Acrobat)
  2. Current CV
  3. Transcript of Records (TUM-Online)

Based on your submitted documents, we will decide on whether or not you are eligible for receiving a letter of recommendation. We will inform you about our decision as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that we cannot issue a letter of recommendation to all students.

Please note that incomplete requests will not be processed and that the issuance of a recommendation letter takes on average four weeks once all necessary information has been handed in!