If you have taken a course at another German university or institute for higher education for which you would like course credit from the Chair of Psychology (Prof. Dr. Hugo M. Kehr), please send the following documents via e-mail to Claudia Luck. Please note that incomplete requests cannot be processed and that the process of course approval may take up to three weeks.

  1. The exact name and a detailed schedule of the course to be approved with a table of course contents and a list of the corresponding literature, as well as information about the number of course dates, course level (Bachelor or Master) and the amount of ECTS granted
  2. The exact name of the course offered by our chair that you want your course to be approved for, as well as your study level (Bachelor or Master) and study program
  3. A copy of the credit report by the other university stating your performance
  4. The document below, completed correspondingly:
    Antrag auf Anerkennung

In case of approval, the documents will be transferred to the Grade Management of TUM School of Management.