References and opinions

The MSM brought together a diverse set of excellent and inspiring talks. It was held in a beautiful environment, had a relaxed atmosphere, and was extremely well organized. In short, a perfect meeting.
(Kai Sassenberg, MSM 2016)
Apart from organizing everything more than smoothly, the organizers created a really stimulating and thought provoking atmosphere by inviting researchers from diverse backgrounds. Within the Bavarian micro-cosmos, the wonderful food, and the beautiful nature this mixture fueled many intense discussions. When is the next meeting?
(Michael Häfner, MSM 2016)
A wonderful conference with lively conversation, engaging talks, and in a beautiful location as well. I learned a lot from interacting with the diverse group of scholars the organizers brought together and it has definitely stimulated some new thinking about my own work.
(Karl Aquino, MSM 2016)
Geniale Verbindungvon intellektueller Stimulation und spektakulärer Umgebung. Die Organisation war effektiv, freundlich und sehr aufmerksam.
(Fritz Strack, MSM 2016)
This is such a wonderful meeting. The setting could not be more perfect and the hosts exceed all normal standards of expectation. Hugo and crew are so thoughtful, welcoming, and generous in offering assistance with any issues that arise. The MSM has played an important role in fostering the growth of motivation science as an independent area of study and it will continue to do so into the future. Anyone provided the opportunity to attend should make a special effort to take advantage.
(Rex Wright, MSM 2016)
The meeting was engaging and stimulating with fascinating talks and discussions. We explored several research topic in depth, while also leaving time for sightseeing and great food. Overall, a great experience.
(Ayelet Fishbach, MSM 2016)
Thank you for having me to your lovely and perfectly organized conference. I really enjoyed the talks, posters, and lively discussions. That was a very inspiring experience. Good luck with the next MSM conference!
(Malgorzata Kossowska, MSM 2016)
The MSM creates indeed a fantastic occasion to talk about motivation from quite different angles, with interesting people in a magnificent surrounding. [...] it was wonderful to see that we are looking at similar problems and, more importantly, that we are actually finding, on a broader level, similar results. This was joyfully enlightening and thus it would be splendid joining the MSM again.
(Kaspar Schattke, MSM 2016)
The Munich Symposium on Motivation was clearly among the best conferences I have ever visited. Perfectly organized, and situated in a wonderful natural environment, this small-group meeting stimulated everyone's thoughts and imaginations, and led to many fruitful discussions, insights, and collaborative ideas.
(Wilhelm Hofmann, MSM 2018)
This is one of the best conferences I have attended. Good organization, plenty of interesting talks, fine food and wine, magnificent setting, and a lively and enjoyable social program. It is no exaggeration to say that attending this conference in 2018 changed my life.
(Roy Baumeister, MSM 2018)
The MSM took place in an amazing location with the most beautiful mountain scenery one can imagine. The meeting was extremely well-organized and provided a great mixture of talks and opportunities for open discussion. Throughout the meeting, a special atmosphere developed that allowed for deep conversations among participants with different backgrounds, but interest in related phenomena. This way, the meeting turned out to be one of the most stimulating conferences I have ever attended. Anyone having the opportunity to participate should make sure to not miss out.
(Malte Friese, MSM 2018)
I greatly enjoyed and learned a lot from the conference. It most beautifully blended the intellectual and experiential, which together created the perfect atmosphere for meeting of the minds. The combination of philosophical, psychological, and methodological perspectives on self control was truly stimulating and left me with lots of food for thought. Thank you so much for putting together this wonderful conference and for inviting me.
(Yaacov Trope, MSM 2018)
MSM 2018 was quite simply an incredible experience! From the very beginning of the conference, you could tell this would be a different sort of meeting. First, the location was simply incredible -- I have never been to this part of Germany before and I was taken by how beautiful the surrounding area and hotel are. Probably the nicest location for a conference I have ever attended. Second, the program brought together the best people in the world studying the topic of self-control and willpower, and I feel real progress was made in furthering our understanding. The program mixed scholarly talks with pleasant sight-seeing, which really helped foster the sorts of intimate conversations that one would expect from a meeting with so much brain-power. All in all, an excellent experience!
(Michael Inzlicht, MSM 2018)
I rank this conference among the top ten I have had the privilege to attend. The talks were of high academic sophistication, carefully selected and orchestrated. Not a single one did disappoint. The fact that not only psychologists but also philosophers participated, enriched and broadened the discussions. The setting was breathtaking, the food delicious, the organization meticulous. Five out of five stars.
( Godehard Brüntrup, MSM 2018)
Simply put, the MSM was a fantastic conference, the best of my career so far (and likely to hold that title for a long time to come). The natural setting was stunning, the group of attendees well-selected to represent the top minds doing research on the topic of self-regulation, and the program had a perfect balance of talks, sightseeing, and informal discussion, allowing us time to further discuss ideas in an intimate setting. It was also incredibly well-planned, down to the smallest details and small touches (such as umbrellas provided on a sightseeing excursion in case of rain). I am so glad that I was invited to participate, and would recommend it to others in a heartbeat.
(Marina Milyavskaya, MSM 2018)
The Munich Symposium on Motivation was an incredible experience to me and I look back to it as one of the best conferences I ever attended. The organizers payed much attention to the smallest details to make it not only a pleasant but also productive meeting for everybody. The program contained a collection of excellent, diverse and for somebody who is interested in self-regulation highly relevant and inspiring talks. Importantly, there was a lot of time for informal discussion between talks and during the lovely social program. Last but not least: the scenery with the Eibsee and the Zugspitze was breath-taking!
(Veronika Job, MSM 2018)
I very much enjoyed the conference and learned a great deal from it. The presentations were at a very high level and the discussion was open and stimulating. Congratulations on a well organized, instructive conference that is sure to lead to new insights and collaborations.
(Arie W. Kruglanski, MSM 2014)
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your recent conference on self-regulation. This conference was planned perfectly, with the ideal blend of working and free time, listening to others and viewing nature, thinking and self-indulgence. Every detail to make our time more productive and enjoyable was addressed. I am hoping that repeat invitations are allowed because I want to be re-considered!
(Bernard Weiner, MSM 2010)
The meeting was a stimulating and engaging opportunity to experience an eclectic blend of presentations about the recent activities of world-acknowledged experts and about the topics that are being tackled by a group of talented, newly emerging scholars.
(Charles S. Carver, MSM 2010)
I enjoyed the symposium a great deal. The setting is spectacular and the opportunity for extended exchanges and free-wheeling discussions among scholars and young scientists in the field of motivational psychology is unprecedented.
(Jutta Heckhausen, MSM 2014)
MSM was an excellent venue for both presenting and exchanging ideas. I came away with many new research ideas and intellectual challenges, as well as some new friends. And all this amidst the beauty of Bavaria... My hopes for your continued success with this conference, which I believe truly advances the field.
(Richard M. Ryan, MSM 2010)
It was a great conference with great hospitality.
(Edwin A. Locke, MSM 2014)
Thank you for a fantastic conference. It was so fantastic for two reasons: the quality of the talks and the people, and the very thoughtful organization. In terms of people, the meeting expanded my scientific horizons. I am now more curious about implicit processes studied in Hugo's group, and became aware of common interest with other invitees... In term of organization, the ample time scheduled both for presentations, and for social interaction made the conference enjoyable, and stress-free. This is an ideal conference for me and I wish all conferences were like the MSM.
(Avraham Kluger, MSM 2012)
May I express my deep gratitude for your work in organizing and carrying out the MSM Conference? It was truly a wonderful experience for me! All the papers were very interesting—unusually so for a conference. Because of my background in implicit motive research, your papers and presentations were especially interesting to me.
The conference was very well organized, and proceeded smoothly. The beautiful alpine setting, and the afternoon breaks for tourism, created a very satisfying “rhythm” to the conference days. I will not forget the cog-railway and ski-lift ride to the top of the Zugspitze—and presenting my own paper on “power” from the very “top of Germany.
Excellent conferences like this one do not come about accidently. I know that they take lots of planning, work, and fixing last-minute “glitches” (like Jörg getting the automatic ticket machine at the Garmisch railway station to work! And so I want to thank you all for making this a wonderful experience for me, and for the other visitors.

(David G. Winter, MSM 2010)
The workshop on Motivation at Eibsee 2012 was perfectly organised. The meeting was intellectually challenging and brought me many new insights. The excursions and the beautiful atmosphere in the hotel contributed greatly to my well-being. I want to congratulate you on this most successful event.
(Bruno Frey, MSM 2012)
Noch einmal ganz herzlichen Dank für die wunderschönen Tage bei Ihnen. Ihre Gastfreundschaft und exzellente Organisation hat allen den Freiraum gegeben sich intelleketuell auszutauschen - welche Chance für alle die dabei sein durften.
(Gabriele Oettingen, MSM 2010)
The Munich Symposium on Motivation has become what the Nebraska Symposium on Motivation once was: The number one conference for motivation researchers from all disciplines. Kudos to Hugo Kehr and his team for establishing and maintaining this wonderful platform for all of us. May the MSM continue to thrive in the years to come!
(Oliver Schultheiss, MSM 2014)
Ihr habt mit Charme und hoher Professionalität eine hochrangige wissenschaftliche Tagung organisiert, die für mich persönlich aber sicher auch für alle anderen Teilnehmer und Teilnehmerinnen fachlich und persönlich bereichernd war. Durch den bezaubernden Tagungsort und die in jeder Hinsicht perfekte Organisation entstand eine Atmosphäre, in der sich konzentriert, konstruktiv-kritisch und dabei sehr informell diskutieren liess. Die Wellen des MSM 2010 werden -- wie in Eurem Logo symbolisiert -- nachhaltig wirken.
(Veronika Brandstätter- Morawietz, MSM 2010)
The Munich Symposium on Motivation was highly energizing. It provided inspiring insights as well as discussions on recent findings and trends in the area of motivation, volition, and leadership. It was a forum to meet interesting young and established researchers. And Hugo Kehr and his team combined perfection and warmheartedness in the organization. This made the Symposium a unique and wonderful experience.
(Heike Bruch, MSM 2012)
Nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank für die schönste und inspirierendste Tagung, die ich in der letzten Zeit erleben durfte.
(Margit Osterloh, MSM 2012)
I had a great time meeting you and I also thoroughly enjoyed the talks, posters, and discussions. Great people, nice location, an overall wonderful experience.
(Joyce Pang, MSM 2014)
MSM2 was inspiring. A diverse group including some of the field's leading minds, eager up-and-comers, and aspiring students gathered in an idyllic setting to share our latest work on motivation and self-regulation. The talks were consistently first-rate, and ample opportunities for informal discussion supplemented the talks in fun and enlightening ways. I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend MSM2 and to forge valuable international connections.
(Brandon J. Schmeichel, MSM 2010)
Thank you all for a wonderful conference. It was superbly organized from both the academic and social points of view. The small group of participants represented 6-7 nationalities and a variety of approaches to the topic (some of which I had not been aware of). Both the formal sessions and the informal interactions enabled very interesting discussions. The setting was ideal, the social activities very enjoyable, and the atmosphere both serious and relaxed. I was very impressed with the MSM group led by Hugo Kehr. You wet my appetite for learning more about the work of this group and of the other participants. Thank you for inviting me to participate. I am very glad I accepted the invitation.
(Boas Shamir, MSM 2012)
Wirklich ein exzellentes und sehr liebevoll organisiertes Symposium.
(Guido Hertel, MSM 2012)
The MSM is the best place to meet great experts in the field of motivation in a very personal atmosphere. Thanks for the most remarkable hours since I became immersed in science
(Nicola Baumann, MSM 2010)
Thanks again to all of you for organizing and hosting the best academic conference ever! MSM was truly a valuable experience. I came away with many ideas for enriching my own research and with a much expanded view of motivation. Here are the three things about the symposium that I appreciated the most: (1) The highly organized and structured schedule optimized every minute of the conference. In other words, from my particular research lens, I feel we all received a maximum return on our time investment. (2) The mix of research-presentation time and social time was balanced perfectly for stimulation of knowledge sharing. This was one of the rare occasions for me that the distinction between work and play was invisible. (3) The diversity of research perspectives (psychology, economics, management, macro, micro, and varied cultures/nations) highlighted important differences and similarities in our respective views on motivation. I don’t know how you managed to fit so much diversity into such an intimately sized group. In sum, I would describe the big impact of the ‘small’ MSM conference as the equivalent of finding 100 people fit into one VW Beetle!
(Kimberly Merriman, MSM 2012)
Great hosts, impressive researchers, lively discussions, a fantastic landscape, wonderful food, and lunch on Mount Zugspitze - MSM 2014 was a big success!
(Jonas Lang, MSM 2014)
The Munich Symposium on Motivation provides the perfect environment to meet coming and established scholars of motivation. The small size and the informality of the meeting combined with the great hospitality provided by Hugo Kehr and his team make the symposium an inspiring experience.
(Nils Jostmann, MSM 2010)
The MSM 2014 – as being hold in a breathtakingly beautiful environment with lake view and the mountains in sight – was the perfect combination of leisure and work. An atmosphere of relaxation was likewise established by the perfect organization of the symposium, genuine friendliness and extraordinary generosity inclusive. The guests were top-class and the face-to-face encounters particularly fruitful.
(Marcel Herrmann, MSM 2014)
My comment could not be delivered because of phishing alarm, even after the third revision. Obviously, the experience was too amazing.
(Markus Quirin, MSM 2014)