München (Munich) has been the capital of Bavaria since 1506. The city is located beside the river Isar, and close to the Bavarian Alps. The city’s continental climate is strongly influenced by the warm downwind called Föhn. Approximately 1.35 million people live in Munich.

The name "München" was derived from the old German word for “Monk” (German: Mönche). The Benedictine Monks who settled in Munich at the beginning of the 12th century are probably responsible for the name, and also for the city's coat of arms, which shows a young monk dressed in black holding a red book.

Today, Munich is a cosmopolitan city and a place full of history. It is known for its palaces such as “Schloss Nymphenburg” and churches like the Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady). The cathedral’s towers became a distinctive landmark of Munich because they can be seen from almost everywhere within the city.

The Oktoberfest was organized for the first time by King Ludwig I as a commemoration for his marriage in 1810. It is probably the most famous event in Munich. Oktoberfest beer, a partcular kind of beer served only during Oktoberfest times, is provided by six well-known Munich breweries such as Löwenbräu, Spaten or Augustiner. The Oktoberfest is the world's largest fair, with about six million guests per year, who drink more than five million liters of beer, eat approximately 500,000 roast chickens (Brathendl) and 200,000 pairs of pork sausages (Schweiswürstl) ( every year.

Moreover, Munich is a "green" city with numerous parks. The biggest and most famous park in Munich is “Englischer Garten”. It is located within the city centre and covers an area of 3.7 km², which is larger than Central Park in New York.

Munich is also a college town, with several bars, cafés and a vivid nightlife. It hosts about 100,000 students. For more information about Munich please check the following webpages. (Munich tourist information) (official web site of the city of Munich, detailed information about Munich, also available in English) (Munich city guide featuring Munich, Bavaria, Germany life and travel tips, facilities within the city) (Oktoberfest information)

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