Dr. Matthias Staudigel

eMail: matthias.staudigel@tum.de
Tel.: +49-(0)8161-71-3869
Fax: +49-(0)8161-71-4501
Address:      Technical University of Munich
Chair of Marketing and Consumer Research
Alte Akademie 16
D-85354 Freising

Research Interests

I investigate interactions of supply and demand along the food supply chain and their effects on health and sustainability.

My research focuses on:

  • Competition: Pricing, product innovation, positioning
  • Econometric analyses of scanner data
  • Consumption and nutrition behavior in a complex market environment
  • Evaluation of nutrition and health policies


Selected Publications

Roosen, J., M. Staudigel and S. Rahbauer (2022): Demand elasticities for fresh meat and welfare effects of meat taxes in Germany. Food Policy 106, Early View. Link

Staudigel, M., B. Brandl, J. Roosen, E. Kiesswetter, H.M. Siebentritt, N. Wawro, J. Linseisen, T. Skurk, D. Volkert and H. Hauner (2021): Association of eating motives with anthropometry, body composition, and dietary intake in healthy German adults. Appetite, forthcoming.

Staudigel, M. and S. Anders (2020): Effects of the FDA's sodium reduction strategy in the U.S. market for chip products. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 173, 216-238. Link

Staudigel, M., C. Lingl and J. Roosen (2019): Preferences versus the environment: How do school fruit and vegetable programs affect children's fresh produce consumption? Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 41, 742-763. Link

Staudigel, M. (2016): A soft pillow for hard times? Economic insecurity, food intake and body weight in Russia. Journal of Health Economics 50, 198-212. Link


Professional Experience

Since 2016

Assistant Professor, Chair of Marketing and Consumer Research, Technical University of Munich


Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (DFG), Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


Research Assistant, Center for international Development and Environmental Research (ZEU), University of Giessen


Research Assistant, Institute of Agricultural Policy and Market Research, University of Giessen




Ph.D. (Dr. agr.), Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen


M.Sc. Food Economics, Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen


B.Sc. Nutritional Sciences and Home Economics, University of Giessen


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