Kicking off the winter semester 23/24 at the Professorship of Digital Marketing

We're thrilled to kick off the winter semester at @TUM School of Management with our two flagship seminars: "Generative Marketing" and "Advanced Seminar in Generative AI in Marketing."  Led by Prof. Jochen Hartmann and our team of doctoral candidates – Yannick, Max, Amelie, and Benny – the seminars…

A Productive Encounter: The Professorship’s Visit to 121WATT for an Exchange on Generative AI

Recently, a team of our Professorhip of Digital Marketing had the opportunity to participate in a workshop hosted by 121WATT - School for Digital Marketing & Innovation. We extend our thanks to 121WATT, especially to Alexander Holl and Dr. Christoph Röck, for the invitation and to Prof. Gunther…

Jochen Hartmann presents at Flix

Invited by Alexander Schlüter, Professor Hartmann shared his research and perspective on GenAI in marketing with the global marketing team at FlixBus (~150 people). The presentation sparked numerous questions and discussions on the impact of GenAI on SEO content generation, hyper-personalization,…

Generative AI in the Music Industry: Jochen Hartmann presents at BMG’s Management Meeting in Berlin

Invited by BMG’s CEO, Thomas Coesfeld, Prof. Dr. Jochen Hartmann presented his work on GenAI at BMG’s Management Meeting in Berlin. The presentation sparked discussions on the far-reaching implications and potential of GenAI for the music industry.

The Professorship of Digital Marketing goes NOVA Business School

Kicking off the winter semester 2023/24, the Digital Marketing team collaborated with international peers at the NOVA school in Lisbon, discussing the implications of Computer Vision, NLP, and Behavioral Insights in Marketing.

Recent AIBA Virtual Research Workshop at Temple University's Fox School of Business

On September 22nd, the Global Institute of Artificial Intelligence & Business Analytics (AIBA) at Temple University's Fox School of Business hosted a virtual research workshop. Invited by Xueming Luo, Jochen Hartmann provided insights on "Ambiguity in Multi-modal Digital Ads: A Double-edged Sword"…

Statistics with R: A Glimpse of the R Bootcamp at TUM's School of Management

A glimpse into the journey of learning and joint discussions during the recent R Bootcamp.

New FT50 Paper in Journal of Consumer Psychology explores Consumer-Smart Object Relationships through Text Analytics

Prof. Hartmann (TUM), Anouk Bergner (HSG) and Christian Hildebrand (HSG) publish in the FT50-ranked Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Last Day of Generative Marketing Seminar: Innovative Student Pitches and Expert Insights

The last day of our Generative Marketing seminar was a great success, with creative pitches from our students and an expert talk by Alexander Holl, the founder of 121WATT.

Prof. Hartmann speaks at the Joint Conference on Research on Text Analytics

Today, Prof. Hartmann participated in a panel discussion and presented his latest research insights from a collaboration with Columbia University and Harvard Business School