A Productive Encounter: The Professorship’s Visit to 121WATT for an Exchange on Generative AI

Recently, a team of our Professorhip of Digital Marketing had the opportunity to participate in a workshop hosted by 121WATT - School for Digital Marketing & Innovation. We extend our thanks to 121WATT, especially to Alexander Holl and Dr. Christoph Röck, for the invitation and to Prof. Gunther Friedl for making this connection possible.

During the workshop, Prof. Jochen Hartmann, Maximilian Konrad, and Yannick Exner from our team shared insights from our current research on Generative AI in marketing. It was a valuable experience to exchange ideas and explore collaboration opportunities.

This gathering allowed us to discuss the practical applications of our research and explore new ideas for collaboration. We appreciate the productive discussions and the opportunity to connect with professionals passionate about the evolving landscape of digital marketing and AI.

We look forward to potential collaborative projects and further interactions with the team at 121WATT.