Kicking off the winter semester 23/24 at the Professorship of Digital Marketing

We're thrilled to kick off the winter semester at @TUM School of Management with our two flagship seminars: "Generative Marketing" and "Advanced Seminar in Generative AI in Marketing."  Led by Prof. Jochen Hartmann and our team of doctoral candidates – Yannick, Max, Amelie, and Benny – the seminars are tailored for over 50 Master students in Management & Technology and Consumer Science.

The "Generative Marketing" seminar dives into practical applications of GenAI, empowering students to develop prototypes for AI-driven marketing tools like personalized chatbots, synthetic podcasts, and multi-modal marketing communication.

The "Advanced Seminar in Generative AI in Marketing" adopts a scholarly approach, blending GenAI with academic research. This seminar guides students in developing their own research ideas, conducting comprehensive literature reviews, and prepares them for their upcoming Master theses.

A highlight of our introductory sessions was students using #StableDiffusion to create images representing personal stories, enhanced by insights from #ChatGPT. This blend of technology and personal storytelling is a testament to the innovative spirit at TUM and our commitment to integrating #GenAI into our daily lives and work.