Interested in becoming a Doctoral Research Associate?

Before you apply

Please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why? - Why do I possibly want to do a doctorate (motivation)? What do I want to achieve (aspiration)?
  • What? - What do I want to contribute to (strategy model research/growth pattern/practice research/theory of the firm research)?
  • How? - How do I want to do my doctorate (internally/externally)?

From application to start

1. Application

  • Motivation letter, CV, certificates, etc. (comprehensive application material in one single pdf)
  • Approval & request for submission of exposé
  • Submission of exposé
  • Approval & invitation to interviews at the chair

2. Interviews and decision on research project

  • Interviews at the chair & opening of research project selection process
  • Localizing research area (strategy models OR growth practice OR theory of the firm OR combination thereof)
  • Selection of research project from list OR development of own project idea
  • Agreement on research project AND type of doctoral student status (internal/external) AND doctoral studies plan

From start to graduation

  • Structured process along six semesters
  • Course work and research project work
  • Individual milestones each semester