Dr. Armin Granulo

Office hours:

+49 (0)89 289-28407
by appointment
2534, central campus, entrance via Luisenstraße


Armin Granulo, is a postdoctoral researcher at the TUM School of Management. His research focuses on economically important phenomena that have a significant impact on society, businesses, and workers (e.g., technological progress and its effects on economic agents). His research has appeared in premier journals such as Nature Human Behavior and the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

He obtained degrees in both Psychology (Dipl.) and Economics (B.Sc.), and earned his PhD at the Technical University of Munich (with distinction).



Consumer Behavior Research Methods, Empricial Research Methods

Selected publications:

Granulo, A., Fuchs, C., & Puntoni, S. (2019). Psychological reactions to human versus robotic job replacement. Nature Human Behaviour3(10), 1062-1069.

Granulo, A., Fuchs, C., & Puntoni, S. (2021). Preference for human (vs. robotic) labor is stronger in symbolic consumption contexts. Journal of Consumer Psychology31(1), 72-80.