Welcome to the Team

Tanja Arnold, Carola Baller, Arij Briki, and Therese Weitz join the Chair

Tanja Arnold joins the team as the executive assistant to Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus, Senior Vice President for Talent Management and Diversity. In this function, she supports Prof. Peus in the conception and implementation of projects in the areas of career paths and qualification paths at universities, university policy, and diversity, as well as in representative tasks.

Carola Baller supports the team as the office manager, ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of our processes. In her role, she oversees administrative duties and coordinates with different departments to facilitate seamless communication and workflow.

Arij Briki joins our team as a research associate and doctoral student in the TUM Neurophysiological Leadership Lab (TUM NeLeLab). Her current research focuses on exploring leadership behavior and leadership perception in virtual reality environments using physiological measures. Her aim is to contribute to the field of organizational neuroscience by providing an empirical definition for existing leadership theoretical and qualitative frameworks.

Theresa Weitz investigates as a research associate and doctoral student the influence of information, emotions, and values on decisions and how companies and leaders can engage in strategic employee development and how this affects employees' loyalty to the company. Her dissertation project explores when and why employees opt for non-hierarchical career steps combining qualitative and quantitative methods. She thereby aims at contributing to the societal awareness for alternative career steps and their advantages for organizations and individuals.

We welcome all our new colleagues and look very much forward to working with them!