Research Stay at the Cambridge Judge Business School

Dr. Cubillos-Pinilla aims for the continuation and initiation of joint research projects

At the Cambridge Judge Business School, Dr. Leidy Cubillos-Pinilla closely collaborates with Associate Prof. Dr. Allegré Hadida and had the close opportunity to explore her excellent work in MBA courses and research regarding development of creative mindset in leaders and teams, especially in the creative industry.

Furthermore, she visited the laboratories of the school and the faculty of psychology, which provided valuable insights that could be beneficial for potential collaborations with our TUM Neurophysiological Leadership Laboratory in the future. Moreover, Prof. Hadida extended an invitation to Leidy, encouraging her to engage in discussions with other researchers within the faculty. She was also invited to the "Creative Cambridge Annual Conference 2023", which emphasized the role of the chair in bridging the gap between technology, creativity, and practical applications in the areas of leadership and management.