Organisational Neuroscience Conference

The First Conference Organised by the Organisational Neuroscience (NEU) Interest Group

From June 15 to June 17, the first Organisational Neuroscience Conference took place in partnership with the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. The first of its kind, this conference marked a significant milestone in integrating neuroscience and broader biology-based knowledge into the realms of organizations and management. Gathering esteemed experts from across the globe, the conference facilitated rich discussions and exchanges on the latest advancements and applications in the field.

As a member of the steering committee, Jakub Cichor supported the conference's preparation and, together with Prof. David Waldman, organised the Doctoral Consortium, a highlight of the conference that drew a considerable number of brilliant Ph.D. students eager to delve into research on Organisational Neuroscience.

One of the main attractions of the conference was the poster sessions, where participants showcased their scientific findings. These sessions offered an excellent platform for attendees to engage with and explore the most recent developments in organisational neuroscience. Notably, the TUM Neurophysiological Leadership Lab made a significant contribution, with Dr. Leidy Cubillos-Pinilla and Jakub Cichor presenting their insightful work:

Cichor, J. E., Hubner-Benz, S., Emmerling, F., & Peus, C. (2023, June). Robotic Authority: Uncovering the Implications of Robot Leadership for Human Follower. Poster presented at the Organisational Neuroscience Conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Cubillos-Pinilla,L., Strobel., L., Emmerling, F., Peus, C. (2023, June). Who can become an entrepreneur? A brain-mind model predicting entrepreneurial orientation. Poster presented at the Organisational Neuroscience Conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

We are looking forward to the next iteration of the Organisational Neuroscience Conference!