Prof. Dr. Jochen Hartmann


Address: Room 0505.03.532
Arcisstr. 21, 80333 Munich
Email: jochen.hartmann[at]
Office Hours: By appointment

Scientific Career and Research Areas

Jochen Hartmann's research is situated at the intersection of digital marketing and machine learning, with a focus on the analysis of unstructured data (computer vision, natural language processing) and generative artificial intelligence (AI). His substantive research interests encompass social media, multimodal digital advertising, algorithmic fairness, diversity in advertising, and human-machine interactions. His work on text and image mining is among the most read and most cited articles in high-ranking marketing journals, including the International Journal of Research in Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Research. He is also a co-author of book chapters on machine learning and natural language processing.

In January 2023, Jochen Hartmann was appointed to the TUM School of Management at the Munich campus. Prior to that, he was an assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Groningen. He earned his doctoral degree from the University of Hamburg. From 2019 to 2022, he coordinated the DFG research group (FOR 1452). Before his doctorate, he worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Jochen Hartmann is a regular visiting scholar at Columbia Business School and a lecturer in machine learning at Mannheim Business School and Vienna University of Economics and Business. Jochen Hartmann is a member of the DFG-funded scientific network "AI algorithms for decision-making in businesses and organizations".

In the media

Main awards

  • EMAC-Sheth Foundation Sustainability Award
  • Best Dissertation Award by EHI Foundation and GS1 Germany
  • Best Dissertation Award by BVM/VMÖ/SWISS INSIGHTS
  • Professor Herbert Jacob Best Dissertation Award
  • Best Dissertation Award by Markenverband e.V. (Runner-up)
  • "Young Economist" at Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings on Economic Sciences 2022

Key Publications

Lenk, J. D., Hartmann, J., & Sattler, H. (2024). White Americans’ preference for Black people in advertising has increased in the past 66 y: A meta-analysis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)121(9), e2307505121; Link

J. Hartmann, M. Heitmann, C. Schamp, O. Netzer: The power of brand selfies. Journal of Marketing Research 58 (6), 1159-1177 (2021). (FT50) Link

J. Hartmann, A. Bergner, C. Hildebrand (2023). MindMiner: Uncovering Linguistic Markers of Mind Perception as a New Lens to Understand Consumer-Smart Object Relationships. Journal of Consumer Psychology, Forthcoming. (FT50) Link

J. Hartmann, J. Huppertz, C. Schamp, M. Heitmann: Comparing automated text classification methods. International Journal of Research in Marketing 36 (1), 20-38 (2019).

J. Hartmann, M. Heitmann, C. Siebert, C. Schamp: More than a feeling: Accuracy and application of sentiment analysis. International Journal of Research in Marketing. 40 (1), 75-87 (2023).


Portrait Jochen Hartmann (Source: TUM/U. Benz)