Statistics with R: A Glimpse of the R Bootcamp at TUM's School of Management

A glimpse into the journey of learning and joint discussions during the recent R Bootcamp.

Last week, the professorship of Digital Marketing had the pleasure of hosting Prof. Christian Hildebrand and his team from HSG St. Gallen at TUM's School of Management. Prof. Christian Hildebrand's visit, accompanied by his team of doctoral students, promised rich learning experiences and helpful research discussions. They met with Prof. Hartmann and his team, setting the stage for a series of engagements that fostered knowledge sharing and skill enhancement.

On August 31st, the spotlight was on the much-anticipated "Statistics in R Bootcamp". Under Prof. Hildebrand's guidance, doctoral students from across the TUM School of Management assembled to learn, explore, and gain hands-on experience with the R language. This session was speciically crafted to cater to individuals with varying levels of expertise, ensuring that each participant could grasp the nuances and unlock the potential of data analysis and econometrics using R.
The bootcamp didn't just stop after single-day, in-person sessions; it extended its reach to the virtual learning environment Datacamp, hosting two more days of immersive learning. In Datacamp, participants could navigate through the chapters at their preferred pace, creating a learning curve that suited their individual needs. Additional live sessions were a melting pot of ideas, where groups collaborated to solve exercises and later congregated to share their insights and approaches.

Besides the Statitics in R Bootcamp, the teams of Prof. Hartmann and Prof. Hildebrand also came together to pitch their research priorities and present their latest research insights. This paved the way for a rich exchange of ideas and feedback on each doctoral students' current topics of interest.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience where we got to dive deep into the world of R and learned from each other.