Prof. Hartmann speaks at the Joint Conference on Research on Text Analytics

Today, Prof. Hartmann participated in a panel discussion and presented his latest research insights from a collaboration with Columbia University and Harvard Business School

Prof. Hartmann took part in the Joint Conference on Research on Text Analytics in Mannheim on July 4th, 2023. An engaged group of academics from Text+ and BERD@NFDI listened to Prof. Hartmann's latest research insights on ambiguity in multi-modal digital ads (Project title: "To be clear: Ambiguity in multi-modal digital ads can be a double-edged sword"). The project is joint work with Shunyuan Zhang (Harvard Business School) and Oded Netzer (Columbia Business School). In addition, Prof. Hartmann joined a panel discussion with Andreas Witt (Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache), Barbara Plank (LMU Munich), Marc Fischer (Host), Peter Leinen (Host), and Siham El Kihal (WU Wien) about the Path Forward for Text+ and BERD@NFDI and the future of text analytics in marketing research.