Decision making and information search

We often have to make judgments based on only little or uncertain information – judgments under uncertainty. Further, we often decide between options without knowing for sure which of the possible consequences will actually occur – make decisions under risk. Judgments and decision making under risk and uncertainty pose important challenges to the decision maker. How does the decision maker master these challenges, endowed with naturally limited resources in time and computational power? In our research, we study the cognitive mechanisms that underlie human decision making. That is, we investigate how people search for information and how they process the information before making a decision.

Decision making strategies and cognitive search

What strategies do decision makers use to effectively search and process information, allowing them to make good decisions despite limits in time and computational power?

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Attention and
decision making

How do people allocate their attention on the available information before making a decision and how does attention allocation affect people’s decisions?

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The development of decision making across the life span

We are interested in how decision making develops across the life span and how the development is shaped by age-related changes in cognition, affect, and motivation.

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