Student Project Results

A selection of current results of student projects at the Chair for Strategy and Organization.

Quadratic Voting's Influence on Minority Impact

This study discusses if Quadratic Voting could be a better election mechanism and protect minorities from results that do not benefit the whole community. Written by our student Ralph Hartung.

Digital Star Firms and Hyperscalers in Asia

Here you can find another article on digital star firms and Hyperscalers in Asia. Written by our student Akshay Warikoo.

Digital Star Firms and Hyperscalers in Asia

This article describes how Asian companies use the concept of Hyperscalers and digital star firms which is mostly common for companies in the western markets. Written by our student Thomas Michelfelder.

Biomedical Applications for Human Longevity (1)

This article is the first part of two on the paradigm shift of human longevity in drug development and on selected biomedical applications. Written by our student Max Roessner.

Digital Immortality and a Digital Paradise

Will it be possible to upload us to a Digital Paradise to continue our Digital Immortality? This article will give you a brief overview. Written by our student Jose Luis Gonzalez-Conde.

Digital Immortality: Digital Clones, Avatars, and Identities

This article gives a brief overview of the digital immortality concept and provides an in-depth analysis of the digital immortality industry through a systematical approach. Written by our student Taylan Müslüman.

Munich’s Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Who is Who in Munich’s Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurial Ecosystem? By our student Ena Beširevic.

Opportunities for Clickbait in Online Advertising

Watch this video to see the differences between clickbait- and regular advertising, as well as the opportunities for clickbait in online advertising. By our student Johannes Richter.

Course of action for aerospace suppliers during the aftermath of Covid-19

Recovery scenarios for aerospace suppliers by Emir Beglerovic and Fabian Eisele in cooperation with Steffen Wenzel (h&z Unternehmensberatung AG). 

e-Learning Platforms

A survey on sucess factors, formats and learning types concerning e-Learning platforms. 

Entrepreneurship in Times of Crises

Watch our video on the opportunities and challenges for startups in times of crises (like COVID-19) and their impact on both innovation and the economy - highlighting the relevance of management research in this field. By Ann-Carolin Ritter, Theresa Treffers, Antonia Hoffmann & Joana Langemeier.

The New Green Shopping: Nudging Online Consumers into more Sustainable Behavior

Watch our video on nudging online consumers into a more sustainable behavior by our student Katharina J. Brenner.

Personality in Self-Managing Organizations (SMO)

Watch our video on self-managing organizations by our student Annika Leemann.

Sustainable Transportation

How to motivate travelers’ sustainable transportation behavior in Germany by using nudges in a mobility app? By our students Chi Ko Lee, Xiuyuan Wang and Yanwen Zheng.