EXIST teams


Homepage: https://www.maiot.io/

Support program duration: 01.04.2018-31.03.2019

Project description: In order to optimize maintenance maiot uses machine learning and advanced analytics on the sensory data generated in commercial vehicles. Data is read from their internal communication networks and transmitted live. Our predictive models get continuously trained on this data to approximate the normal behavior of the vehicle. In case an abnormality is predicted from the models, the fleet operator gets notified accordingly and a maintenance stop is suggested exactly before the failure. Identifying which component will fail and when allows to schedule maintenance only when it is needed and when it is most effective. This in particular will reduce the planned downtimes with a big saving potential.


Homepage: http://www.retorio.com/

Support program duration: 01.03.2018-28.02.2019

Project description: Retorio (Project Emolve) is an Artificial Intelligence that understands communication skills and personality. It can be used to automatically analyze video applications in recruiting, for self-monitoring your progress in sales training and a million other things. Two of Retorio's three founders, Dr. Christoph Hohenberger and Patrick Oehler, are former/current PhD students at CSO.


Homepage: https://rfrnz.com/

Support program duration: 01.05.2017-30.04.2018

Project description: At rfrnz we automate contract analysis with the help of cutting-edge Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms. Our system understands the content of contracts and we can identify and extract relevant information like topics, clauses or single KPIs. We also provide a risk analysis where we flag unusual or missing clauses based on anomaly detection. The solution targets legal professionals in corporates (legal or procurement departments) or law firms, who will save time and cost as well as avoid errors. After receiving funding from public grants, price money and first revenues, we closed a Seed financing round in the beginning of 2019 to accelerate our product development and growth.


Homepage: https://cdf.one/

Support program duration: tba. (application in preparation)

Project description: cdf enables Blockchain-based transparent investments in startups that are operating in developing countries, addressing the financial exclusion and the funding gap of entrepreneurs and firms. cdf is providing a platform to connect investors from developed countries with startups from developing countries. Using smart contracts, payments in subsequent funding rounds from investors to start-ups are automated based on the achievement on milestones, reducing risks and costs. In order to provide a investment vehicle for the investors and startups, cdf tokenizes the company and distribute the shares accordingly.


Homepage: www.gymzap.com

Support program duration: 01.04.2011-31.03.2012

Project description: GymZap started in 2009 as the first online video gym in Germany. Gradually the business model changed from an internet platform to a SaaS for live streaming. Companies using our product enabled their employees to attend training remotely or reach new customers, unable or unwilling to make it to a session offline. The initial team of four was led by Tina Ruseva and granted EXIST in 2011.