Digital Transformation and Digital Stars: Implications for Management


The digital transformation is a major challenge for organizations and for society in general. Our research project investigates the implications of the digital transformation for management. We investigate people, organizational and strategic aspects of digital transformation and how firms can align these levels for successful management. Moreover, we examine the business models and management practices of "digital star" firms - the most successful and innovative firms in the digital business. These firms comprise the established digital players (e.g., Google, Amazon, Facebook) and emerging firms (e.g., unicorns such as Uber or Snapchat).  

Topics and research questions

Digital strategy and business models

Organizational design and performance management in the digital age

  • New organizational defaults in digital star firms
  • Organizational structures and work design
  • Incentive systems and performance management (e.g., OKRs)

Leadership and talent management in digital transformation

  • Recruitment and employer branding
  • Agile leadership and team management
  • Democratic forms of management