Dr. Malte Oehlmann

eMail: malte.oehlmann@tum.de
Tel.: +49-(0)8161-71-5086
Fax: +49-(0)8161-71-4501
Address: Technical University of Munich
Chair of Marketing and Consumer Research
Alte Akademie 16
D-85354 Freising

Research Interests

In my research I apply discrete choice models and other econometric techniques to study healthy and sustainable consumption. I particularly focus on consumer and household decisions for food and fashion. Another research interest is the validity of stated preference approaches for environmental valuation. Current research topics include:

  • Substitution patterns between milk and plant-based milk substitutes
  • Evaluation of food reformulation and policy instruments to reduce sugar intake
  • Consumer segmentation of (fast) fashion consumption


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Professional Experience

Since 12.2020
Postdoctoral Researcher,
Chair of Marketing and Consumer Research, Technical University of Munich

Postdoctoral Researcher,
Chair of Environmental and Land Economics, Technical University of Berlin

Project Manager, adelphi

Research Associate,
Chair of Environmental and Land Economics, Technical University of Berlin



Ph.D. in Economics (Dr. rer. oec.), Technical University of Berlin.
Topic: Response anomalies in discrete choice experiments for environmental valuation

MSc. in Economics Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology